Sam King Day 2016

...a selection of photos from Sam King Day 2016
Andy Allen NP 5  Andy Allen wins NP prize for a magnificently struck shot Jacob Kaczer NP 2nd 18  Jacob Kaczer wins NP with 2nd shot on 18th to win a Morgan for a qweekend Paul Luscott NP 1  Paul Luscott recives NP prize for 1st hole Rob Silvester NP 10  Rob Silvester NP on 10th Roger Sargeant NP 8  Roger Sargeant NP on 9th hole Runners Up 2016  Runners Up, Tim Pulham, James Churchill, James Mitchell and Paul Schofield
Third Place 2016  3rd place team, Danny Curtis, Adam Tillman, Roger Barratt and Terry Cockle Tim Fisk NP 13 + 16  Tim Fisk receiving the NP prizes for both 16th holes and a fantastic shot to the 13th ! Winners 2016  very very popular winners , Ian Storey, Will Stewart, Harry Bennell and Roger Gulliver